Application for traveling to unusual places in Paris

The application for those who have already visited the city, seen the main attractions and want to see something new, special. Also, the application is useful for guides, because there is a lot of non-standard information about Paris.

  • Analytics
  • Design
  • Mobile
  • Testing
Application for traveling to [a]unusual places in Paris[/a]

Goal And Tasks

The application allows you to provide travelers who have already visited Paris and who want to avoid excursions to trivial attractions, as well as local guides - with a guide that will allow you to get acquainted with new or specific places in the city, as well as find out non-standard information that is not available in open sources of information.

Application for traveling to [a]unusual places in Paris[/a]
  • 01Collect requirements
  • 02Requirement specification development
  • 03Prototyping
  • 04Design development
  • 05Development of a mobile application for the IOS platform
  • 06Development of the admin panel
  • 07Testing
  • 08Publication

Mobile Application

For customers, registration in the application is available. You can view a list of various routes, which are divided into paid and free. The routes you like can be added to favorites. After passing the route, it will be recorded in the history of the routes passed. A Calendar section is also available, where the user can view various historical events that have ever taken place in Paris.

Mobile Application

Admin Panel

Administrators can create new routes with waypoints. Working with the calendar of historical events: adding new events, changing information about existing ones, deleting.

Admin Panel


  • 01Route recommendation system based on user interests
  • 02The ability to take routes for free, as well as purchase routes in the application
  • 03Adding new routes
  • 04Share route with friends
  • 05Audio guide

Technologies used

  • Swift
  • CoreLocation
  • MapKit
  • CleanSwift(VIP)
  • OneSignal
  • AVFoundation
  • Moya
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • R.Swift
  • SwiftLint

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