Mobile application for cryptocurrency transactions

A handy tool for quick currency conversion according to the current exchange rate. The application allows you to convert several currencies at once, and also keeps a history of conversions.

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Mobile application [a]for cryptocurrency transactions[/a]

Goal And Tasks

Implementation of an additional module for working with fiat currencies in the Bizonex system

Mobile application [a]for cryptocurrency transactions[/a]
  • 01Getting tasks from the product owner
  • 02Discussing the solution within the team
  • 03Development
  • 04Testing
  • 05Publishing


The system allows you to create a payment order for converting your fiat currency into non-fiat currency within the system, and vice versa. It is possible to cancel a payment order if it was just created, as well as generate a request to cancel previously created payment orders. The client can always generate a statement of his accounts in the format set in the system for any period of time from the beginning of the account registration in the system. It is possible to manage the entire amount on the account if: - The account is not blocked; - The minimum balance has not been set; - There is no encumbrance on the account.



  • 01Convert fiat currencies to non-fiat
  • 02Reverse conversion of non-fiat currencies
  • 03Integration of the developed system into the functioning system of Bizonex

Technologies used

  • Firebase
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • BLoC
  • GraphQL

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