Web system for displaying news and events

The system is a tool for visualizing data on events and news in such areas as information technology, mechanical engineering, robotics and other rapidly developing areas. In order to obtain up-to-date data, a mechanism for integration with third-party services where news articles are published has been implemented. The system is equipped with various filters, as well as a tool that allows you to track the level of development of the technology.

  • Web
  • Analytics
  • Testing
Web system for displaying [a]news[/a] and events

Goal And Tasks

Providing users with a visualization tool that updates in near real time and provides access to events and news within the technology areas of interest.

Web system for displaying [a]news[/a] and events
  • 01Collect requirements
  • 02Requirement specification development
  • 03Developing a system for displaying news and events:
    • Development of a mechanism for receiving and displaying events and news on a pie chart
    • Integration with news service
    • Development of layered display
    • Development of a filter and search system
  • 04Development of the admin panel
  • 05System testing


The user can view a pie chart that displays various news and events in marker format, and filter them by a variety of parameters.



  • 01Tracking the maturity of a particular technology area
  • 02Receiving events and news in near real time
  • 03Adding your own events or news via the admin panel for a specific technology area
  • 04Easy navigation
  • 05Adaptation of the system to different resolutions
  • 06Adaptation of the system to different zoom levels
  • 07Touch friendly

Technologies used

  • Redux
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • React
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • Laravel
  • Voyager

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